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Testing out posting from iPhone hope all goes well

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Current News

Looking for anyone that will be able to assist me in helping people with my work. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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In the Beginning

In the beginning man communicated useing primitive sounds and music. Now in present day we communicate useing computers and technology. Why is it that we cannot use both of these in harmony and learn how to teach, learn and grow by useing both music and Technology together.

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The Master Plan

The master plan behind all of my education and theories, is that I am researching the use of Music to teach learning disabled people how to do certain tasks such as Math, and communication. For the past three years I have been studying how to use Music to teach a teen age girl who is learning disabled to do basic algebra. As of yet I have not come up with a solid working model. But we have come across some application processes that actually are starting to work.

Even though I have been working on this for almost four years now I am starting to see progress in my work and I soon hope that i will make a large stride in my methodology hoping to implement this world wide and help people with learning disabilities.

In my years I have known several people that were not good in math course yet they prospered when they were in a music course that allowed them to play and read music. I have also met a few people that were not able to read a book yet they were able to play some of the most sophisticated pieces of music that are currently composed. Even in some cases there are people that cannot read a book but they are able to write music that is simply amazing.

It is my goal to help these people use the talent that they have to teach themselves how to do other things such as math and reading.

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